I am tenure-track-professor for Multifactorial Data Analysis and Machine Learning in the Life Sciences at the Centre for organismal studies (COS) and the Centre for Scientific Computing (IWR) of Heidelberg University.

Trained as a mathematician, I obtained a PhD in statistics from ETH Zurich and EMBL Heidelberg working with Peter Bühlmann and Wolfgang Huber. From 2019-2022, I was a postdoc at the German Cancer Research Center and the Wellcome Sanger Institute in Cambridge. As a visiting researcher I worked with Susan Holmes at Stanford University and with Dagmar Iber at D-BSSE.

In my research, I aim to apply statistical reasoning in combination with modern machine learning approaches to gain insights into fundamental processes that underlie complex biological systems and dissect the molecular heterogeneity of biological processes. For this I develop statistical methods and computational tools to analyse and integrate ’omics data and apply them in a variety of fields including personalized medicine, cancer biology, single cell biology and developmental biology. The tools and methods I develop are available from Bioconductor, PyPI and GitHub.

You can find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Scholar and GitHub.